Promoting human happiness

Bee Resilient helps individuals, families, friends, and organisations harness their creativity and brilliance using the scientifically proven tools and techniques of positive psychology to become resilient. Our approach is currently unique and is designed to create high performing individuals and teams.

By integrating tools designed to promote human happiness and flourishing, something special happens – creativity is released, personal belief and culture transforms and productivity and performance go through the roof. What’s more, the resilience and capacity of individuals and teams to respond in the moment and deal with unforeseen events in a powerful, positive and creative way is greatly enhanced. Ultimately our approach harnesses the limitless potential of human beings to adapt and thrive in challenging times.

Our T.H.R.I.V.E. Model.



Human Factors








What’s with the Bee Metaphor?

We think that bee hives and bees provide the perfect metaphor for what we teach. Individual bees are self-managing and work extremely hard for the good of the whole, yet are totally cooperative. They continuously respond and adapt to the ever-changing environment, communicating with each other about the location of flowers in bloom.

If something happens to their Queen, they instantly adapt how they feed their larvae to produce a new Queen and visit each flower twice – once to collect the nectar and once to pollinate the plant, giving back for what they have taken.

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