Introduction to ‘Tell the Bees’ foundation course

Talking to the bees is a very old celtic custom that made it across to North America with Scottish settlers. Traditionally, ‘talking to the bees’ must always happen when someone dies, is born or marries. The custom of sharing our stories with the bees, demonstrates the importance of connection, collaboration, and communication with those around us.

Our ability to thrive when under threat is dependent on the interconnectivity between ourselves and the world. The beehive gives us the metaphor against which to explore the science of resilience (within the context of positive psychology) and allows us to integrate the interventions that enable us to adapt our behaviour and become neuroplastic thinkers.

Telling stories is one of the oldest forms of sharing knowledge and communicating our views of the world. We have therefore created a modern motivational fable, against the backdrop of the T.H.R.I.V.E. model, to explore resilient practice. The course is divided into three, containing two modules each, and gives you the foundation interventions against which to find a way to thrive. We use it as a foundation course for all our services.

Our Courses

‘Tell the bees about your story’ Course
This comes in two modules. Module one asks us to reflect on your own story. The science behind resilience shows that the practice of reflection is essential. We also introduce the concept of compassionate thinking, as we all tend to be hard on ourselves when reflecting on past actions.
Module two ‘Tell the Bees about your future’ looks to further our understanding of our purpose and meaning, understanding the value of setting goals and achieving them in terms of what we hope for.




‘Tell the Bees about your values’ Course
Presented in two modules. ‘Tell the bees about your values’ explores your value system, character strengths and personal integrity. Module two ‘Tell the bees about the little things’ explores the concept of making mistakes, forgiving failure and being grateful.



‘Tell the bees about your creativity’ course
Presented in two modules. ‘Tell the bees’ about your creativity. These modules introduces mindfulness as a way to connect to ourselves and others, help us to understand our vulnerabilities and finally explore our innovation and creativity through exploring gratitude and joy.

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