The Bee Resilient T.H.R.I.V.E. Model

Our approach is different. We take a multidisciplinary approach by integrating other disciplines within our T.H.R.I.V.E. Model. Blending other disciplines with positive psychology, we have produced interventions which use the benefits of neuroplasticity to actively help people change their ‘in-the-moment’ responses. Through active engagement in our programmes people are able to respond effectively to threatening situations, solve problems and manage their stress and anxiety so they don’t have ‘knee jerk’ reactions.

The T.H.R.I.V.E. Model



Most people experience a crisis or trauma that will affect their ability to perform, flourish and may affect our ability to become our best selves. Becoming resilient, and adopting resilient behaviour shows us a way to recover and THRIVE.

Human Factors

We try to understand the system in which we operate, and understand how this affects us both a micro and macro level.


Positive Relationships have been proven to develop resilience.


Integrity covers both the state of being whole and complete as well as doing the right thing. The ability to trust, to be brave and speak out, when things are not working, is what creates resilience and gives us the ability to adapt to change.


Research demonstrates that having a vision is essential to creating excellent performance. The stories and meaning that people ascribe to events and activities within an organisation can fundamentally affect outcomes. Often the difference between mediocre and top level performance is simply one of people buying into a vision that touches and inspires them.


Research shows that the way human beings habitually think and feel physically affects the structure of their brain. As a consequence, it is important to develop agile and resourceful thinking habits both as individuals and teams which in turn can dramatically improve creativity, problem solving, and long-term resilience.

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