Individual 1-2-1 Coaching
Becoming personally resilient during challenging and changing times is essential to personal happiness. At Bee Resilient, we take you through the THRIVE model, incorporating positive psychological interventions that have been proven to develop neuroplastic behaviour, so that we are more adaptable to handle change. Being resilient helps us to become more congruent to our own life story, explore what decisions we can make, understand the risks that we may be exposed to. Our objective is to help you thrive. We include Virtual Reality as a tool to help with mindfulness and meditation. We also look at nutrition and diet to help build your physical resilience, as the science shows that being healthy in our body, makes us healthy in our mind. Developing personal resilience is for everyone. We use our ‘Tell the Bees’ course to work through the THRIVE Model. We work with school children to help with their school work, to support them with anxiety and improve their confidence. We work with parents and business owners to help manage the complexities of managing business and home life.

We work with artists to help them explore their creativity, to develop resilient practice in a complex environment. We also work with key workers, like the police, military, and carers, to give them the space to reflect in order to address the challenges that are faced on a daily basis. We also work with organisations to support individuals who are going through redundancies to help them become resilient and adapt to change.

Leadership 1-2-1 Coaching

Leadership teams are having to assess risk, make decisions and remain psychologically resilient within a dynamic environment. We offer 1-2-1 coaching to explore the corporate vision and align the corporate story with a congruent vision statement. Organisations who do not have a clear vision statement, and are incongruent with what they do and say, can harbour toxic behaviours that can destabilise an organisation. The evidence shows that organisations whose leadership style represents the mission, operate harmoniously with the process, technology and people are more likely to thrive when the system is under threat. Bee resilient works with leadership teams across a variety of sectors.

Digital Transformation & Agile Coaching

We work with digital teams to develop an agile and resilient culture to manage continuous change. The THRIVE Model is integrated into the existing agile methodologies (SCRUM, SaFe, LeanAgile). Agile ceremonies or events are how goals are set during sprint goals, values are established in the agile manifesto, how relationships are improved during daily standup, how agile digital debt (process, technology and human) can be improved, and how reflection aids ‘learning by doing’. We incorporate positive psychology interventions to develop character strengths to create high performing and resilient teams.

We have a successful track record in developing resilient and high performing teams of TIER 1 Banks, UK Government departments, Retail, Utility and NHS. The THRIVE model is explored through our ‘Tell the Bees’ course to establish resilient thinking as an everyday way of agile working. The results have been remarkable, and improvements can be seen as early as sprint three.

Cyber Security Coaching

The psychology of cyber security resilience is increasing becoming more important. Corporate services are accessed by their staff from different unknown locations, increasing the risk of cyber threat. Unfortunately, insider cyber threat or the human factor to corporate assets are substantial and can cost organisations both financial and reputational damage. The ability to explore the psychology of risk and decision making within the context of the THRIVE model is defined by our Cyber Resilience Index. The ability to measure the ‘As is’, map the risk exposure, investigate the decision process and map the ‘to be’, gives organisations confidence that the human factor is as much addressed as cyber secure technologies. Indeed, having a digitally secure perimeter is only as safe as the human that operates it. We have extensive experience in human factors, psychology and developing cyber systems, and have worked for the intelligence services, banking, government and ministry of defence. In addition, we offer mentoring and coaching services to CISO’s in association with Templar Executives, to help individuals become high performing professionals.

Business Team Coaching
Not all Business teams work within an agile development environment, but most organisations are working agile and operate within a digital environment. Given the increase in artificial intelligence, automation, and homeworking, developing resilient psychological and behavioural resilience is becoming increasingly more important. Maintaining corporate culture and values to make decisions based on what is good for the organisation is challenged by operating as virtual teams. Working through the THRIVE model to understand corporate and personal goals, align personal values against corporate ones, develop meaningful virtual relationships within a dynamic system, and having the space to reflect, are essential segments to working collaboratively and thriving as a hive. We run tailored courses and coaching sessions for teams to build resilience into practice. We are currently piloting our ‘Tell the Bees’ course with a number of organisations.
Coach the Coach
This is an online coaching programme for experienced and aspiring coaches who want to incorporate the THRIVE model and ‘Tell the bees’ course into their work. It is appropriate for all service disciplines. We look at the concept of coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience. We also review the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and other psychologists who use storytelling as a metaphor to explore the human condition. The course runs for a year offering practical support throughout.

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