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The purpose of Bee Resilient is to educate, coach and develop resilient behaviours for individuals, families and business.

Our work is based on the latest scientific research into happiness from positive psychology.
Positive psychology offers a radical new approach. By focusing on what makes people happy and what contributes to their well-being and flourishing, people can learn and practice what is on offer.

Once they see the result for themselves it is remarkable how quickly the new ways take root. The reduction in stress levels and the subsequent improvement in relationships, cooperation and collaboration affects us personally, within our families and at work.

It is not just about positive psychology when we talk about Bee Resilient; We are constantly researching and incorporating other disciplines into our tool box. We know that working within Virtual Reality helps to expand our awareness and improve our ability to become more mindful. We know that eating well helps, reducing our stress and brings us into balance or homeostasis. In business we know that agile methodologies lends itself to resilient thinking.

We believe in learning by doing, failing to succeed and continually improving our processes, procedures and technical capability. Working together as a beehive, and giving ourselves the space to retell our stories, is what being resilient is all about.

Our clients are wide ranging. We work with individuals who want to manage their anxiety, stress and lose weight, children who want to improve their grades, government departments who want software agile coaching, cyber security specialists who want to become resilient to threat, chief executives who want to improve their business performance.

We like being multidisciplinary, engage in new renaissance thinking, and deliberately work with a range of customers, because we believe that our THRIVE Model is ubiquitous. The metaphor of the bee gives our value of connection, collaboration and communication. Being resilient sits at the core of what being human is about. Our expression of who we are in the world, ultimately, is never just one thing.

Shireen Walton

Founder: Shireen Walton
Msc in Positive Psychology Coaching, Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching,Post graduate Certificate in Education, Msc in Information Technology, BA Hons in Politics, History and International Relations

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