Human Factors

In designing products, systems, procedures and protocols, we actively consider the human user and put them at the centre of our design.

At work, we are involved in working with the community, social groups and understand our impact on the environment.

My own values are aligned to the values of the organisation I work for.


I have several people at work who give me unconditional support and are non-judgemental when I make a mistake.

At work I am part of a team in which I feel supported and valued.

I treat myself with kindness and compassion and take time to look after the wellbeing of members in my team.


My relationships at work are based on mutual respect, autonomy and have clear, healthy boundaries.

I experience clear and consistent rules and expectations that are aligned to my personal values.

I set and maintain healthy boundaries and can say 'no' when I have to.


At work I believe that my peers know that I have the ability to be the best.

At work I believe that my organisation can succeed and that we overcome challenges together.

I believe in myself most of the time and I believe in the future of my organisation.


At work we encourage honest communication and healthy conflict resolution skills.

At work we encourage love of learning and set time aside to learn skills so that I can do my job well.

At work we set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound) goals and develop steps to make them happen and always take time to reflect.

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